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Land Power and Composite Technologies (LPC) was established in Oct 2003. LPC is the sole investment by a world leader of composite and insulation supply, Power and Composite Technologies (PCT),based in the USA.
With over 80 employees company, Land Power and Composite Technologies has been developing custom composite manufacturing techniques and advanced power generator products with seamless collaboration with PCT USA, who has more than 200 years combined knowledge and extensive background experience within power generator and composite components.
The 5,000 meter square (54,000 ft2) facility of Land Power and Composite Technologies is located in Xiamen, one of the major port and tourist cities in China.
Land power and Composite Technologies is currently a supplier in power generation, medical, and electronic industries.
LPC and PCT's mechanical, electrical and polymer engineering experts employ the latest computer-based design and analytical tools to develop products and components to meet our customers' exacting specifications.
Extensive background with virtually all reinforcement materials used in industry today — E glass, S glass, carbon fiber, Kevlar™.
- Acknowledged polymer-industry expertise with custom resin systems including epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester systems.
LPC’s custom composite structures can typically meet any number of specification criteria with outstanding physical and performance characteristics, such as:
Excellent dielectric qualities
High temperature properties
Outstanding mechanical strength
High strength-to-weight ratios
Low thermal conductivity
Dimensional stability
Chemical resistance
Corrosion resistance
Our formula for success
Proprietary advanced material technology
Unique development of composite forming capabilities
Expansive and expanding portfolio of high voltage copper components
Extreme customer focus
On time deliveries
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